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Insulation solution "AudioSpice"

We developed AudioSpice to bring out
over 120% of the insulator's capacity.

By using it on T-PROP, it enhances its vibration control capacity and controls squeals.

By using Sticky and Natural Liquid together, the durability of effect will be enhanced.

The “AudioSpice” is a spice to augment insulation effect of spike and bring out the capacity of the insulator. As if a pinch of salt brings out the presence of raw material, this spice brings out the capacity of the insulator and creates a clear sound field space.

By injecting the AudioSpice in “T-PROP” which has a shape of cup to receive it, higher vibration control capacity can be obtained. The material specific squeak is also controlled, and the sound becomes closer to neutral.

<Sticky & Natural Liquid>

The effect of spring-like solution, “Sticky”, with the C-PROP and D-PROP Extend has already been tested. We modified this “Sticky” for the AudioSpice. You can mix it with “Natural Liquid” to be used as an insulation solution.
Please experience the expanded scale of unknown sound with only a few drops.

* In order to keep the effect, we recommend that you would change the solution every half a year to one year. (When dust or foreign substances are mixed, the duration of effect and performance of solution may change. Therefore, we ask for your understanding in advance especially if an insulator with a large open hole is used.) 






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